About Us

We are BriefStock: illustrators and designers in love with our profession and the creative space we set up together.

We are 30 people now and our cumulative experience in illustration is 150+ years. Each member of our team has an advanced background in the world of illustration, as well as deep knowledge of necessary software and design trends. We constantly uncover the latest industry insights and develop our skills. That is why we run the world top-5 microstock studio.

Over this year only we created 4000+ awesome illustrations which people use all over the world. Netflix, BioWare, Auchan choose our art for their designs. Words aside, just look at our works:


All of these amazing illustrations are vectors, so you can easily use any piece in the project without losing the quality whether it is a website, postcard, brochure, billboard, etc.

For more than 10 years we have been creating illustrations, and we feel it is time to step over on the next level. We want to move the illustration market forward: to launch an ultramodern platform and unite those who create with the clients.

Our mission

The dream and passion is to prove the impossible: we can offer high-paid jobs for talented illustrators and at the same time we can give our clients access to top quality visuals with a comfortable price. One can consider these two aims to be incompatible, but we have developed a new business model and a solid plan on how to put it in place.

Our art studio has wide experience making money with illustrations and we know exactly how to gain the maximum from our work. In most cases clients do not need the copyright: it is enough to provide a clear license permitting wide commercial use of the purchased content.

We offer you high-quality digital products customized to the requirements of your business and created by the best illustrators on the market. You receive an excellent license which meets all your demands. And we reserve the copyright for further use of our illustrations. This allows us to set comfortable prices, win new sales, pay more to our artists and thus attract the best specialists to BriefStock.

Throughout 2020-2021 we have tested and polished this business model, and it works perfectly. That is why in 2022 we launch the best platform with access to the finest choice of digital art. Just try it! Our business model works without prepayment offering a win-win partnership.

We believe our solid background helps us to make a platform comfortable and time-saving for the clients and innovative for the market!


We elaborated platform design, masterminded its features and functionality. And our specialists have already tested the alpha and beta versions.

Now you can buy sets with our illustrations and thereby support the development of the project.

The next step is to give our clients the possibility to order custom illustrations from us at a comfortable price. So it will be possible not only to buy ready-made sets, but also order images without prepayment and sometimes even completely free of charge. We elaborate excellent license conditions, relying on accumulated industry experience and our own insights.

We are going to launch a ticketing system in January 2022. It will allow you to order new illustrations, track their production path, and communicate with our team. The system will also calculate the approximate cost and completion time. It is now passing the final QA stages: we are polishing it and fixing the last bugs.

In later versions we will also add the option to get an exclusive composition that no one can use except you. We will keep a reasonable price and give you access to the top personalized content reserving for BriefStock the ability to use isolated objects and change composition.

Stay tuned.

Support us

Meanwhile you can get acquainted with our sets and buy something if you like it. Any purchase you make supports this project.

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Many thanks, Max Pavlyukevich

Co-Founder of BriefStock

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